PhD update

Hi! Here some updates from my PhD – I’m already halfway, how did that happen!?

After the big N-ICE2015 expedition field work, we were busy with analyzing samples and data, and writing papers. Special issue for the project in Journal of Geophysical Research collected 28 submissions, mine is one of them, thumbs up!

This Spring I joined one cruise, ARCEx2016 organized by the University of Tromsø, here a blog post about it. Currenlty I am in Canada, I joined the Ocean Optics conference Victoria, BC, and now I’m in Winnipeg visiting a research group at the University of Manitoba. My stay here will end with the Arctic Net conference, and some holidays in the mountains.

We had to find alternative ways for sampling sea ice on the ARCEx cruise, because there was so little of it, and so small floes.



Presenting a poster at Ocean Optics conference.