N-ICE2015 special issue completed and other updates

Yet another spring has come to the north! I have just returned from some easter skiing in the sunny and snowy mountains. At the office we continue to write up the results and papers from our big expedition N-ICE2015. The special issue is now completed and can be found here, but we are already on the “second round”. I recently submitted my second first-author paper. I have also been involved in some work on glacier fronts and what is the role of meltwater provided by tidewater glaciers to the fjord ecosystem in Kongsfjorden in Svalbard.  Besides that, I am busy writing my PhD thesis – it is time for me to finish up by summer!


N-ICE2015 results published

The N-ICE2015 special issue in Journal of Geophysical Research is filling up! Almost all submitted papers are now published, enjoy reading latest results from the Arctic pack ice region! A complete list of publications with links is available here under Publications headline, or you can check the Publications tab on this website for the ones I have been contributing to.

Active during Arctic Frontiers

Here in Tromsø, we are lucky to have a yearly conference about the north: Arctic Frontiers. This conference attracts high-level politicians, shows the newest research from around the Arctic, and has a lot of focus on outreach to the younger generations. In this blog post you can read about the activities that we at APECS, the Association for polar early career scientists, were organizing during the conference together with Arctic Frontiers Young and Nordnorsk Vitensenter (local science centre). In addition to this, me and many of my colleagues were giving science talks during the science part of the conference – check pdfs behind this link! It was an interesting week!






Mar Fernández-Méndez discussing with 10th grade school pupils the poster they prepared for the event.





PhD update

Hi! Here some updates from my PhD – I’m already halfway, how did that happen!?

After the big N-ICE2015 expedition field work, we were busy with analyzing samples and data, and writing papers. Special issue for the project in Journal of Geophysical Research collected 28 submissions, mine is one of them, thumbs up!

This Spring I joined one cruise, ARCEx2016 organized by the University of Tromsø, here a blog post about it. Currenlty I am in Canada, I joined the Ocean Optics conference Victoria, BC, and now I’m in Winnipeg visiting a research group at the University of Manitoba. My stay here will end with the Arctic Net conference, and some holidays in the mountains.

We had to find alternative ways for sampling sea ice on the ARCEx cruise, because there was so little of it, and so small floes.



Presenting a poster at Ocean Optics conference.


PhD in bio-optics

Currently I am a PhD student at the Norwegian Polar Institute, in the N-ICE 2015 project. My main focus is bio-optics, ranging from remote sensing of ice algae to photophysiology. My PhD started with the field campaign of drifting ice stations with research vessel Lance.









Photos by Mar Fernandez Mendez.