Field work

Svalbard fjords

After the main field campaign in my PhD (N-ICE2015), I participated on shorter cruises around Svalbard investigating the phytoplankton spring bloom dynamics (ARCEx 2016 cruise) and glacier fronts. Read the ARCEx field blog here and about the glacier front project here.

N-ICE 2015 project at the Norwegian Polar Institute

Included a six-month long field campaign, where research vessel Lance was frozen into pack ice north of Svalbard and drifting with the ice. Processes in water column, ice and atmosphere were monitored multidisciplinary.

Read the expedition blog here, or check #NICE2015Arctic in social media. On the map behind the blog link you can see the drift paths of the different cruise legs.


R/V Lance cruises in 2014 (Norwegian Polar Institute)

In 2014 I participated in three cruise on the R/V Lance: test cruise for the above mentioned N-ICE 2015 project in February, MOSJ cruise that is monitoring the ecological state in Kongsfjorden and Rijpfjorden on Svalbard, and A-TWAIN cruise where I was responsible was water sampling. Photos from the cruise you can find here.

IMG_1742Population monitoring of Svalbard rock ptarmigan (Norwegian Polar Institute)

Blog for field campaign 2014 here. I participated the field work also in 2013, photos here.


bright bioluminescence in the wake of the engine

Bright bioluminescence in the wake of the engine. Photo by Stefan Simis in Föglö, Åland.

Dinoflagellate Alexandrium ostenfeldii in Finnish coastal waters (Marine Research Centre in Finland)

My Master’s thesis was about the bioluminescence rhythm in the toxic dinoflagellate Alexandrium ostenfeldii, which in recent years has formed dense blooms in some coastal locations in the Baltic Sea. Here you can read more about the phenomenon.

Optics cruises in the Baltic Sea

During my internship and work in the Marine Research Centre in Helsinki, Finland, I participated on two optics research cruises on the research vessel Aranda that were connected to the PROTOOL project – read more about the project here.

2013-07-12 10.32.01

Terrestrial field work on Åland

During many years I participated the monitoring field work of the Metapopulation Research Centre (University of Helsinki) on Åland in the Finnish archipelago.